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Mail.Ru Games, the publisher of internationally successful online games such as Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, Allods Online and Juggernaut is announcing today the forthcoming launch of its new F2P browser game Farm Kingdom. In this motley farm simulation a great deal of work awaits PC farmers: feeding animals, planting vegetables and harvesting crops are only a few of the tasks that a successful farmer will have to complete, while time spent waiting for potatoes and other crops to ripen is shortened by fun mini games. In addition to the high level of social interaction among like-minded people, Farm Kingdom offers PvP modes for the first time in a farm game.

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As inhabitants of a fairy-tale realm, players work their own fields. They lay out gardens, plant fruit trees and breed animals. They must lavish a great deal of affection to nourish all growing and living things, and sculpt their little estates to their own liking. Digital farmers can decide by themselves if they should chop timber, plant an orchard or build a stable to house their beloved livestock. And if someone is not in the mood for any of these tasks, they can simply take a break and go fishing. Farm Kingdom offers players and their friends a wide choice of things to do. Every interaction makes them more experienced and versatile, unlocking more and more aspects of the game. In the end, whoever has what it takes to become a super farmer will ascend the throne of the Kingdom!

“We are proud to offer a really independent product in this market segment by launching Farm Kingdom,” said Alexander Goldybin, the CEO of Mail.Ru Games GmbH. “The diverse gameplay and the super enthralling storyline surrounding the Kingdom create an utterly new game experience.”

Anybody who would like to discover the pleasures of farm life has the chance to create his or her own little farm by signing up now at

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